London Honey Show 2019

Our Beekeepers at London Honey Show

CCBKA is about teaching beekeeping and if you are getting your swarm control right you get honey.

The next skill is how do you present that honey properly.

Sinead Mortel Associate member from Limerick attended the wax workshop and got a prize card for her cake of beeswax which also won in Fota . Michael Lane, East Cork beekeepers another associate member got 2nd in the light class for his honey , not an easy task. ( 75 entries in the class that’s 160 jars of honey)

CIT took a first for the institution/ National Trust class, again these bees are managed by one of our members to help with their biodiversity requirements.

The association apiary took VHC in the apiary class, while we knew the viscosity wasn’t great this year , the flavour was and this was recognised.

Eleanor Attridge brought back 6 prize cards with a fourth in the 24 jar class again here there were 480 jars of honey to be checked in this class. Eleanor was also awarded a gold medal from Apimondia for judging in Canada along with the two other Irish Judges

Overall a great display from our own CCBKA beekeepers which needs to be encouraged to get more exhibitors onboard.

Check the London honey show out at London Honey Show.

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