Beginners start with the local association beginners classes which are held each autumn over 8 weeks with a series of lectures.
This is followed by practical demonstrations at the CCBKA apiary. Details here.

Formal Examinations and Certificates

For those interested in a formal education for beekeeping the CCBKA organises a number of study groups whose aim is to sit the examinations run by the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations (FIBKA).

The FIBKA examinations include

Preliminary: For beginners – Written multiple choice series of questions and a short practical apiary examination at CCBKA apiary.

Intermediate:  The Preliminary Certificate of the FIBKA or the BBKA Basic Certificate must be held for at least two years and must also have bees for at least three years before completion of the course.

Intermediate Apiary Practical

The Intermediate Apiary Practical Examination is intended to be part of a stream that will lead to the Practical Beemaster’s Certificate. The examination is designed to be less “academic” and there are no written examination papers.
The examination will take place in the candidate’s own apiary carried out by two Examiners appointed by the Executive Council. The pass mark is 70%.

Senior: Examinations include written practical and scientific papers, Microscopy examination, own apiary examination and honey and wax product production. Intermediate Certificate and at least five years beekeeping experience.

Practical Beemaster: Preliminary Certificate, the Intermediate Apiary and at least five years’ beekeeping experience satisfactory to the Examination Board.

Honey Judge:


Full details, past papers, syllabi etc are all at the FIBKA website.

Also you can contact our Secretary for details.

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