Beekeepers code of conduct

All Beekeepers should be aware of the beekeeper’s code of conduct and
make every effort to adhere to the guidelines.
1. To site my hives and apiaries away from places frequented by the public where they are likely to cause nuisance to neighbours or those in the vicinity and to ensure that the general public cannot easily access them.
2. To ensure that my apiary sites are stock proof and not close to areas where Bloodstock are worked, trained or exercised.
3. To ensure as far as possible that my bees are of docile temperament and to work towards this by eliminating bees that show undesirable characteristics and to take all reasonable steps to control swarming.
4. To manipulate my bees in a responsible manner and in suitable weather conditions, especially in urban areas so that no nuisance is caused to neighbours or those in the vicinity and especially at the time of removing the honey crop.5.
5. To ensure that the honey crop is removed in a responsible manner, extracted and stored in suitable containers free from all contaminants especially moisture odours and chemicals.
6. To present honey for sale in a proper clean container free from all debris and labelled in accordance with current legal requirements
7. To participate as an active member of my Local Association where I can acquire the skills and knowledge to become a competent and responsible beekeeper and to encourage other beekeepers to do likewise.
8. To strive to ensure good neighbourly relations at all times
9. To keep bees suitable for my area.
10. Not to interfere in other beekeepers apiaries, not to put hives close to other beekeeper.
11. To ensure that all notifiable diseases are reported and correct appropriate action is taken to deal with the problem
12. To treat your bee stocks for varroa and maintain them in healthy condition.

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