EU Research projects

A number of research projects on bees, including honey bees have been funded by the EU commission through various research programmes over the years.

The latest call in Feb 2017 was a topic on Bee health and sustainable pollination. Call details here

Expected Impact from the selected projects will be:

  • Filling gaps of knowledge on hazards, focusing mainly on (chronic and sub) lethal effects of mixtures of chemicals on both healthy and infected bees at population and/or colony levels, while also taking into account the aspect of bee nutrition and its effect on bee health.
  • Provide science- based protocols for improvement of bee regulatory testing schemes.
  • Contribute to the consolidation of validated monitoring plans on bee health with the development and use of molecular markers.
  • Contribute to sustainable pollination and sustainable beekeeping.

For details on some of the other projects see the commission website.

The website also has info on pesticides and medicines etc. Visit here.

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