COLOSS 2014 Survey on Colony losses

Colony losses are a serious problem facing beekeepers as indicated by the high losses (37%) experienced by Irish beekeepers last year. Although this season, the situation looks more positive, it is still important to quantify the losses and identify the possible causes using the standardised questionnaire produced by the COLOSS network. To ensure that the data is reliable and representative of Irish beekeeping I would encourage all beekeepers to complete this year’s survey.

It can be completed easily online or manually.

Complete online. Follow this link: coloss_irl_2014. (Please note that the ‘finish button’ should not be pressed until you have fully completed the survey).


Complete manually by printing out a hard copy of the file coloss_form_print version.pdf and returning the completed survey by post to:

Mary F Coffey, Teagasc, Oakpark Research Centre, Carlow.

All completed questionnaires (manually/electronically) should be returned by : June 20th 2014.

Thank you for your help

Mary F

Dr Mary F Coffey


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