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CCBKA Apiary June 2015

The apiary demonstrations are complete for 2015. The numbers attending were high, with over 40 on a Saturday. The preliminary exam was held on June 6th with all who sat the exam passing it. Well done.

The apiary is taking part in the small hive beetle monitoring programme for the department of Agriculture where beetle traps have been put on 2 hives in the apiary and are monitored once a month. The traps are very easy to use, they are put in between last 2 frames at the out of the brood nest. The trap is filled with 25ml of cooking oil. If the beetles arrive in the hive they hide in the trap from the bees and drown in the oil. A piece of black corry board is also in the floor for trapping the beetle as well.

small hive beetle trap

Hive with small hive beetle trap (left)

For more details on the monitoring scheme download PDF.

We are also monitoring for the Tropilaelaps mite with the same equipment. This mite kills brood in the brood nest . Details here.

Bayvarol test.

The bees at the apiary were also tested for Bayvarol Resistance. A Beltsville test was carried out. This is a simple test (a variation of the USDA Beltsville method) to check if Varroa mites are resistant to the various synthetic insecticides. One hive was tested and is showing signs of mites being (or close to) resistant to Bayvarol.

They are right on the border of resistance, I suggest you test for resistance if you intend using Bayvarol.

Info on Beltsville test.


Eleanor Attridge

CCBKA Apiary Manager


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