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World Bee Day Announced – May 20th

Apimondia confirms May 20th as a World bee day In Daejeon, South Korea International beekeeping congress Apimondia 2015 was held from the 15th to the 20th Sept. Apimondia – International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations unites beekeepers and scientists from 125

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Cork Association Honey Wins Gold Medal at Phoenix Park Honey Show

Over the past two seasons the association has endeavoured to try and change out as many frames as possible in the hives at the apiary. Firstly the older ones can carry bee diseases in the wax residue and on the

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Swarmonitor – Whats buzzing?

The Swarmonitor project aims to develop a tool for diagnostic monitoring of honey bee colonies, by monitoring vibrations in the hive. This is an EU funded project carried out by a consortium of European partners led by the Bee Farmers

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