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Queen Rearing at Coolmore June 7

Mark Newenham of Coolmore Bees is holding a Queen Rearing Day on behalf of NIBHS on Sunday 7th June 2pm (date has been changed from May 31) and has issued an open invitation to any Association Member who wants to attend. Coolmorebees Website.

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Super and Brood Frame assembly instruction videos

We forget how things that the experienced beekeeper take for granted are a whole new experience for the beginner. Take Brood and Super frame assembly. After a good summer a beekeeper will have done dozens but the first few for

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Neonicotinoids – Not just bees in danger?

A report issue by EASAC suggests that a focus on honey bees has distorted the debate around neonicotinoids. But there is more and more evidence that widespread use of neonicotinoids has severe effects on a range of organisms that provide

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